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2M, 1F


Bee-Bee will do anything to be a rockstar. While walking across a frozen lake to meet the man who will lead her to success, she falls through the ice and struggles to survive. For the time she is trapped, she sees moments of her past, her dreams, and what may come of her life if she lives. A story asking how and why we speak, how smart we could be, and what happens when we lose it. For Bee-Bee, choosing between the one she loves and the one who will make her a star lies just beneath the surface.

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A Grand Entrance 

Scenes and Monologues for Mature Actors


This exciting anthology of scenes and monologues compiled and edited by Ann McDonough Ph D. and Kent R. Brown  features nearly 100 comic and serious roles for mature actors over the age of 55. 

Gray Matter (1 M, 1F)   is a multi-generational exploration about racial profiling and misunderstandings.


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Gray Matter


35 in 10 - Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays


This anthology, compiled and edited by Kent R. Brown contains the 10-minute play, Stuffed (1M, 1F)  about a girl who has her mother's dead cat in a burlap sack, and a town's mysterious misfit who can solve the problem only if his past doesn't get the best of him.  


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