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A ten-minute play is poignancy in a flash, a spark for thought, and a compact thrill for any audience. Choose one to produce or several for an evening or festival. Click on licensing and rights for additional details. 


1 M, 1 F


3 Gender neutral, 1 W

A chance encounter at an airport luggage turnstyle leads two people to question if their newly found relationship is an act of fate and tests them to get over their past. 

Zombie Rainbow Unicorn Poo Pillow Emoji Party

2 F

A teacher’s best laid plans to engage students turns into a lesson for her.

Gray Matter

1 M, 1 F

In a chance meeting in a police station waiting room, two strangers learn about racial profiling, trust, and sharing.


This play has received over 300 productions both domestically and abroad. 

My Life As A Circus Baby

1 M, 1 F

In rural Virginia within a landscape of a circus, two workers try to figure out what to do with another mouth to feed in troubling times and discover that family comes in many forms.


*Actor's Theatre of Louisville Heideman Award Finalist

Loaded For Bear

1 M, 1 F

Maggie and Todd have all they need. When a fire threatens to destroy their home, they fight to save it and in the process learn the stuff that really matters. 


1 M, 1 F

A young girl brings a town recluse a problem to fix - they find they have things in common including a grim outlook on life.


2 M

An undercover cop's sting operation and views of the world change with a late night encounter. 


Performed as a part of Moving Arts Car Plays Series


1M, 1F

Posing as an boy in an online chatroom, a mother seeks revenge while meeting a thought-to-be predator fishing in the woods.  


World Premiere at The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood, CA

A Growing Problem

1 M, 1 W, 1 Plant

(plant can be played by either gender)

A widow and her date, a retired police officer, venture into new territory when a marijuana plant is a chaperone. 

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