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Sometimes we playwrights need a little boost, a little sustinence to keep us going while navigating the sometimes lonely world of writing. It's a tough road, albeit rewarding, it does have the occasional "what the heck am I doing this for?" moment.

As my wonderful colleague, mentor, writer, and scholar, Gary Garrison shared in a motivational talk (Gary is like a preacher of playwriting for me... It's hard not to yell out 'Amen!' when he speaks the truth) "Nobody asked you to be a playwright" - true, very true.

To add a button to that, occasionally, we need those validations that we are doing something right as we build those characters, navigate those storylines, rewrite those works (for the millionth time), advocate for our words, our causes, our presence. After submitting plays and putting them out there in the world, there is nothing bigger than hearing those words on stage for the first time. When you get that letter that your play is the one chosen out of 1000 submissions and that theatre is going to produce (or give you a reading, or showcase) your play, it is sustenance. It keeps you going. So share that love. Brag a little. You deserve it, playwright. A win for one of us is a win for all. Share your feast with the world and invite us to the banquet. #playwrightfood

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