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Directed By Jeanette D. Farr

October 9 - 19th, 2014

Glendale College Auditorium, Mainstage

Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco in a wonderful new play adaptation by Tina Howe together in one evening of theatre!


Three urns side by side are a man, his wife, and his mistress and a quintessential British middle-class family the Smiths, their guests the Martins, their maid and a fire chief. A commentary on how we are desperately trying to connect in an ever-evolving dehumanizing world. Visit for ticketing options and additional information.

Directed By Jeanette D. Farr

October 30 - November 9, 2014

Glendale College Auditorum, Studio Theatre

Together in the intimate confines of the studio theatre space, Play by Samuel Beckett and Action by Sam Shepard together combine three urns side by side encasing two women and a man and four people drinking coffee  who seem out of polace and time - even as they act our strange roles while still doing ordinary things.


These playwrights comment on problems in modern communication, survival, and human endurance no matter how absurd each envrironment has become. Both comedic and grotesque, this festival of classic writers exhibits the human need to reach out with fantastic plays on language. Visit for ticketing and additional information.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Glendale College Studio Theatre


Students from the T ARTS 155 - Introduction to Playwriting class exhibit a showcase of their works. From monologues, to ten-minute plays, to excerpts from larger works - the future of theatre is bright. Come be a part of these budding young artists, some presenting work for the very first time in front of an audience.

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